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Laser Engraved Red Clay Brick

Laser Engraved Red Clay Brick


Standard 4" x 8" x 2 1/4" Red Clay Brick with Black Laser Engraving

The benefit of laser engraving over sandblasting is that the laser beam melts the clay, made with an additive, into black glass, creating a material that is stronger than the brick itself.
Laser engraving produces a smooth, hard and permanent mark. Dirt and debris can easily be washed away. The laser engraved mark will remain beautiful and clear for generations to come.

Laser engraving makes it possible to use many different fonts and include graphics. 

These bricks can come with or without lugs depending on your application.  If the bricks are part of a larger brick/paver area, we suggest getting the bricks with the lugs to create spacers between items as well as ease the removal of the brick without breakage.

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