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Recipe Cutting Board - Easel

Recipe Cutting Board - Easel


We can engrave your cherished handwritten family recipe onto an easel!  This makes a great gift sure to be loved by the recipient.  

The stand folds flat against the back and the handle has a hole to hang the easel for display when not in use.


***If ordering more than one with the same recipe, please contact us - .  The price listed includes a one time setup charge for making the recipe usable therefore making any subsequent cutting boards $25 less.

  • Recipe Submission Information

    Email recipe to

    Please send us a high resolution (300+ dpi) black and white scan of the recipe in pdf, psd, or jpeg format.  Photos will not produce good results, so we cannot accept them.

    If you do not have a scanner at home or work, you can take it to a library or an office store.  There are also multiple scan apps that can connect to your phone.

    If you are only interested in the content of the recipe and not the handwriting (for instance, the recipe is too splattered to read), you can send us the text preferably set up in a word document. If we need to set up the text, there may be an additional charge.

    We will try to remove any spots or lines as well as darken the text. 

    In the sample shown, we have added a header and can do so if you like.

    Prior to engraving, we will send you a proof for approval.

  • Specifications

    10.25" x 10.75" Bamboo Easel

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